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SCT horizontal ceramic rod pin sand mill

SCT horizontal ceramic rod pin sand mill
Product name:SCT horizontal ceramic rod pin sand mill
SCT horizontal rod mill
brief introduction
SCT horizontal pin sand mill is the new Chongqing Hondar sand mill chemical mechanical and electrical Ltd. Can be used for the production of all kinds of metal pollution, fineness requirements, high or high demand for the product.
main features
The 1 diffuser group is a rod pin structure, which is made of hard alloy. Its high hardness, strong dispersion, can produce a variety of nano grade products.
2, the inner tube can be used in the production of zirconium oxide and silicon carbide and other materials, the production of white, no metal pollution products without color.
3, using static and dynamic screen separator, separator. Can use 0.2 grinding zirconium beads. Traffic is not blocked.
4, sealed with integrated dual end face, and with a forced sealing liquid circulation cooling system.
5, supporting the import of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, automatic material circulation, can be continuously adjusted feed.
6, according to the characteristics of material technology, the use of variable frequency technology to search for the best technological parameters.

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