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Sand mill in titanium dioxide on the road of development prospects

Author:Sand mill HongDA Date:2012-03-26 11:48:44

Sand mill in titanium dioxide on the road of development prospects

In recent years along with the titanium dioxide application domain expansion as well as consumers living standards rising, the titanium dioxide product quality requirements are also improved accordingly, without postprocessing titanium dioxide crude cannot arouse consumer desire to buy, on the contrary, after post processing Seiko secret agents, delicate texture lubrication high-quality titanium dioxide products will be more and more favored by consumers.

Grinding of titanium white production important post treatment process, directly affect the dispersion, cover rate, purity and performance. High-grade titanium dioxide must after grinding, but after the grinding of titanium dioxide is not high-grade titanium dioxide. In the high-grade titanium dioxide production process, ultrafine grinding is an indispensable process. But this is not to say that the grinding device is high-grade titanium dioxide "patent", in fact, anatase titanium dioxide to ultra-fine grinding, because of anatase titanium dioxide in chemical fiber field, and chemical fiber products of titanium dioxide powder particle size is more demanding, so the anatase products need to wear more fine. With the expansion of the chemical fiber industry, high-quality anatase titanium dioxide consumption potential is increasing, profit space is quite considerable. Therefore, grinding machine in the future development of the road still titanium dioxide has good prospects.

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